Sal Mineo Picture Gallery

Gallery 1. Promo Photos from Early Career.
Gallery 2.
Gallery 3
Gallery 4 - Photos of Sal's old Apartment.
Gallery 5
Gallery 6
Gallery 7
Gallery 8
Gallery 9
Gallery 10
Gallery 11 - Special letter from Sal 1953
Gallery 12
Gallery 13
Gallery 14
Gallery 15
Dino Movie Poster Promo Pack
Exodus - Tribute to EXODUS featuring Sal Mineo and Jill Haworth
Rebel without a Cause - Featuring James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo
Burke's Law
Movie Promos and Posters
Gene Krupa Story
Fortune & Mens Eyes - Playbill
NEW! Added January 2011 Exclusive Pics donated by Author Michael Michaud as well as pics from the Palm Springs Book Signing attended by this website owner John Seger.

We hope you all enjoy our website, and continue to visit, and remember the great legacy that is Sal Mineo.