Movie review: "Who killed teddy bear;.
Review by John Seger
Starring Sal Mineo & Juliet Prowse 1965, black and white released by Columbia Pictures 
Released: 1955, Warner Bros. COLOR 
This low-budget shocker, released in 1965, breaks all boundaries! 

  It is amazing it got past the censors! 

Featuring hints of masturbation, pornography, lesbians, stalking, and drugs, it almost ruined Sal Mineo's career.. Interestingly, this film now is considered a ground-breaking cult classic! Famed movie reviewer, Leonard Maltin, is one of the MANY critics who now praise this dirty little pleasure, and it now occasionally plays at film festivals around the world. It centers around Nora (played by famed dancer, Juliet Prowse ),who works at a seedy little club.She begins getting perverted calls from a man. At first she disregards them as a prank. But soon, it becomes clear the caller is very serious.

Sal Mineo plays, Lawrence, who works at the club as a busboy. Lawrence takes care of his mentally challenged sister, and their relationship seems very odd indeed. You have to see it to believe it. Sal spends most of this film in skin-tight jeans, shirts, and underwear briefs. Any excuse to show off his muscled physique on camera. The lighting is terrible, the script thin, and the music is terrible: ALL THE INGREDIENTS of a classic cult film! 

Still, the movie is, without a doubt, a guilty pleasure! Sal delivers a riveting performance, as the demented stalker! And the shocking plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat till the final scene! This film truly delivers! Even for today, this film's a SHOCKER! Worth the price of admission for the "dance scene" between Sal & Juliet alone! PRICELESS! Just don't say I didn't warn you! This is NOT a "G" rated little movie! It is VERY gritty, exploitive, violent, and at times, disturbing. But, well worth watching! Never released on home video, this film is a very hard to find collector's item! If you get the chance, DON'T MISS IT!

Scenes from Who Killed Teddy Bear