The Young Don't Cry. Review by, John Seger.
Starring Sal Mineo and James Whitmore. 1957.
Black & white. A Columbia Pictures release.
young Sal Mineo once again proves he was one of the 1950's brightest most
talented stars in this very entertaining, touching film.
Sal Stars as an orphan who is subjected to many hardships and discovers how important it is to be true to one's self and rise above the negativity.

Along the way,a former fellow orphan returns as a rich successful man, and tries to
sway Sal to change his ways in order to become a success. He also has
many problems with a fellow envious orphan and is taken hostage by an
escaped convict played by, James Whitmore, during the climax.

Throughout the entire film, Sal Mineo keeps the audience interested with his
superb, compelling acting. He delivers a typical knock-out performance
and Sal easily carries this entire film single handed.

In this role,Sal delivers a character with guts and toughness, yet manages to give him a bit of heart and vulnerability as well. Sal Mineo NEVER gave a bad
performance. Sal Mineo's talents are very under-rated and it's time
people remember this great icon, and this film deserves to be released on
home video. Highly entertaining and a treat to any Sal Mineo fan.