Movie Review: PRIVATE'S AFFAIR."
Released in 1959 by 20th Century Fox. 
Directed by David Weisbart. Color. 
Review by John Seger.
Billed as a "musical comedy", "A Private's affair" is basically a star vehicle for Sal Mineo, made during his peak as a box office draw. 

The story focuses on 3 young men who are drafted into the Army. Sal Mineo plays Private Luigi Maresi. His character is a cool, hip guy sporting a goatee and uses words such as "Daddio", and is the only character in the film that stands out as a real person. 
As always, Sal gives 100%,as he did in all his performances. Luigi becomes friends with the 2 other drafted soldiers, and while peeling potatoes, break-out into a song and dance number that is recorded on a tape recorder by a fellow soldier. 
When the recording is overheard by the host of a national television
show (Jim Backus, who also appeared with Sal in "Rebel without a cause"), the 3 soldiers are invited to perform on a special Army talent show on his program. 

Very silly stuff, but it still manages to be entertaining. The film also features one of Barbara Eden's first major film appearances, as well as Bob Denver ("Gilligan's Island"). 
The song and dance number that ends the film is lackluster, and the singing is dubbed by uncredited performers, strangely, as Sal could have easily sang this simple songs. But the real reason to watch this film is to enjoy another great performance by Sal Mineo. 
It's also refreshing to see Sal in a light comedy for a change, as he had great comic timing, which he also displayed brilliantly in the film, "The private war of Major Benson."(see our review

Ignore the corny plot of "A Private's Affair", and enjoy Sal's performance . It's great mindless entertainment.

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