'68 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible used in 
"Tiger by the Tail" episode in Hawaii 50 
now owned by Brian & Denise Reilly

Hello, I just thought you might like to hear that in September, after 10 years of research, I discovered that I own one of the automobiles that that was shipped by Ford Motor Company to Hawaii and given to CBS on behalf of Leonard Freeman productions for their use in the CBS TV series, Hawaii Five-O. 

Sal Mineo played "Bobby George" in the episode entitled "Tiger by the Tail." In the prologue of the show, Bobby George was kidnapped by two individuals using George's car. They put George in the rear seat of his '68 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible and sped away into the night. 

The car was used in an additonal 3 episodes. It is a very rare and unusual car. It's interesting to learn that Sal Mineo sat in the back seat of our car. Pretty cool! (The car was originally Ford Diamond Blue. Unfortuantely, a previous owner repainted it Ford Oxford White. I'm currently in the process of getting paint bids for proper restoration of the vehicle.) 

Below a link to the Hawaii Five-O Fan Club Newsletter "Central Dispatch" for October 2003. The third article down the page is the story about the car and its connection to H-5-O. 

Regards, Brian Reilly